Bully Me Now

When I was in middle school, I was bullied relentlessly.

My parents went to the assistant principal who told them, “Every class has one kid they all pick on and it looks like your son is it.”

Those years were miserable, but they forged my empathy in ways only being dragged to the edge and back can, and so today I champion any cause worth fighting because no one should have to endure the horrific struggle that comes with being “it.”

The biggest benefit of having to retreat inward and hide from a world that sees you as “lesser” is that you can focus on other, more worthy pursuits, such as strengthening the mind and learning how to be better than those who see you as inferior.

So, bully me now. I’ll rhetorically eviscerate you in ways you yourself could never manage from the mental infancy where you spent years spewing your hate.

Bully anyone and I will stand between you and your target in full mass of snowflake-turned-avalanche and shout you down until you know what it feels like to realize that you are nothing and that the world cares nothing for you.

We live in a world all too often ruled by the bullies, but when we stand and stand together, we find the statues on those pedestals to be hollow and poorly carved, prone to breaking and easily toppled.

Bully me now. Learn what it means when your target has claws and teeth and empathy for every person, even you.




Philosopher, science communicator, and social justice bard.

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The Vexed Philosopher

The Vexed Philosopher

Philosopher, science communicator, and social justice bard.

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